London-based alternative singer-songwriter and electronic producer Ronnie White has been playing the London scene since 2013, when a collaboration with other musicians led to the project known as Tiebreaks. In 2015 she released her solo debut single, Temple, followed a few months later by the autobiographic Demons. The darker vibes that accompany these early years are heavily reflected in the artist's sound, rich in heavy rock guitar and drum elements, with electronic - grunge undertones.

In early 2017, Ronnie joined forces with former members of Cambridge-based band, The Abstracts, to create a new project, resulting in the formation of the experimental band Lunar Echoes. The band played major shows such as Camden Rocks, Portobello Festival and their releases were heavily played by BBC Introducing and various national and international radios. The band split in late 2019 due to artistic differences.

In 2020, a year that will always be remembered by our generation as the toughest one to date, the artist found solace in her electronic roots and began working on new music. Her comeback single, Empty Castle, was released on the 30th April 2021 and saw a drastic change in mood, musical elements, as well as visuals, leaving the darker days behind for a brighter retro vibe, filled with loud 80s electronic sounds and drum kits and a brand new neon attitude. Her second single, Lover, is planned for release later in the summer (date TBC).

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